Jaclyn Jones » Lawn Guidance Counselor

Lawn Guidance Counselor

As a lifelong educator, I have a passion for helping children achieve their greatest potential while helping them to gain the skills, confidence and courage to overcome their challenges big and small.

Having spent 20 years in the classroom before taking the helm as the guidance counselor here in beautiful Jamestown, I recognize your child's education is a team effort. Guiding parents, their children, teachers and others here at Lawn School through all the ups and downs and important decisions regarding their education and personal development. I believe each child must be given the tools, resources and support to be able to make the right decisions, guide them in their personal, social and educational growth and give them the confidence they need to make good choices and set themselves up for success.


As a mother of three young children, I know being a parent today is not an easy role, and I look to support each parent so they can be involved in their child's education, tackle any problems head on, and make informed decisions.