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"Kids who learn from their parents about the dangers of underage drinking, drugs and other substances are less likely to use those substances." American Academy of Pediatrics and National PTA
When could my child be referred to the Student Assistance Counselor?
  • Grades: Sudden changes in grades, lack of interest in academic subjects, overly concerned about getting good grades (under extreme pressure to do well).
  • Attendance: Attendance or tardiness problems.
  • Disruptive Behaviors in Classrooms: Class clown, attention-seeking behaviors, consistently disruptive. ** Some of these are indicators of emotional difficulties that are hiding behind these behaviors
  • Involvement with Disciplinary System: Consistently in trouble and child does not learn when redirected or give consequences for behaviors.
  • Legal Problems: Legal difficulties, arrests, probation, NFT's (No Further Trouble)
  • Problems with Extracurricular Activities: Child's interest declines, participation declines.
  • Problems at Home: Any difficult situation at home (divorce, new baby, death in family, remarriage, family member with drug or alcohol problem, etc).
  • Alcohol or Other Drug-Specific Behaviors or Indications: Child freely talks about his/her use; child has unusual knowledge about alcohol or drugs for his/her age.
  • Peer Issues: Child is a bully; child is being bullied, recent change in friends, etc.
Confidentiality Guidelines:
When meeting with Ms. Manny everything your child tells her will stay confidential. There are only three times that she has to break confidentiality due to safety reasons. The three times are:
  • Your child tells her that someone is hurting him/her.
  • Your child tells her that he/she is going to hurt him/herself.
  • Your child tells her that he/she is going to hurt someone else.
*Ms. Manny does encourage all students to communicate with their parents the information they are sharing with the Student Assistance Counselor. A student may also fill out a release form so that the Student Assistance Counselor may speak with his/her parents directly.
Who Can Refer Students to Ms. Manny?
Anyone! Teachers, Teachers Aides, School Administrators, School Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, School Psychologists, Parents, Peers, Local Police, etc. A student can also refer his/herself.
To Parents: If for any reason you would prefer that Ms. Manny not speak with your child, please call her directly or contact the school office. Otherwise, it is assumed that Ms. Manny can speak with anyone that gets referred to her. Remember, all services are strictly confidential.
All students new to the Jamestown School District will participate in a Newcomers Group that is formed per grade level. These groups meet at least 3 times and are based on making sure students are adjusting well to their new school environment.
Here are some resources that students, parents, and community members can use to foster prevention.

RI Student Assistance Program and Services

Pacer Center : Bullying Prevention Program

Just Think Twice - Facts about drugs

MADD - Information about drunk driving

notMYkid - Parents dealing with teen addiction

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - Latest statistics and research about drug abuse and addiction

SAM - Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Drug Free America - Help for families struggling with substance abuse

Any questions, concerns, or referrals please contact Serena Manny. She can be reached on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lawn School 423-7010 ext. 212 or you can email her at [email protected]