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Every student, teacher, and staff member at Lawn Ave. School R.O.C.Ks! This simple pledge captures the essence of our comprehensive, school-wide positive behavior program. The program is built on clear, consistent expectations and the belief that everyone must work together to ensure that Lawn School is a positive, safe and supportive learning environment for all.
The attached Lawn Ave. School R.O.C.Ks Behavior Matrix provides the foundation for the program, clearly outlining
specific behaviors and expectations in all areas including classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, the cafeteria, and outside areas such as the playground, bus, and athletic fields. These expectations are shared with students early in the year through discussions and modeling in their “home base” groups and are revisited throughout the year in classrooms and in our Advisory program. Daily, during morning announcements, students and teachers say the R.O.C.K pledge together promising to focus on making these qualities the core of what we believe and how we behave. Students are regularly caught “living the R.O.C.K” and are publicly acknowledged for their efforts to make positive behavior choices. We ask you to join us in this effort to promote positive behaviors at Lawn School. Please review and discuss the Lawn R.O.C.Ks Behavior Matrix with your child. While some expectations may seem quite simple and straightforward, please talk with your child about how they all combine to ensure a positive school environment. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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